Health and Safety Policy

Drillco WA Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of all employees, contractors, visitors and the community who are impacted by our activities and believes that all injuries and industry related diseases are preventable. Our commitment to health and safety is as important as our commitment to other business objectives.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of this Policy and associated procedures is to assist in providing a safe and healthy work environment for Drillco WA Pty Ltd employees, contractors and third parties.


Our strategies to implement this Policy are:

  • Apply and demonstrate a systematic approach to Safety and Health management to achieve continuous performance improvement.
  • Demonstrate compliance with all applicable Safety and Health law and/or industry standards by integrating these requirements into all aspects of our business.
  • Provide adequate resources to establish and maintain safe systems of work.
  • Develop and apply hazard and risk assessments to identify, assess and safely manage any present or future potential hazards of Drillco WA Pty Ltd operations.
  • Develop and maintain the competence of our personnel to control the risks we generate.
  • Continuously improve Safety and Health performance through innovative technology, training, education and good management practices.
  • Engage only qualified contractors who will perform their work to the same Safety and Health standards as Drillco WA Pty Ltd.
  • Promote a positive culture where employees and contractors are consulted and encouraged to actively participate in the Safety and Health management of the site.
  • Set measurable targets for improvement in all areas of Safety and Health.
  • Include Safety and Health performance as a factor in the appraisal and reward of staff.

All managers, supervisors and contractors are accountable for health and safety performance in their areas.

They will develop and implement effective Health, Safety and Environment Management Plans designed to achieve the objectives of this policy, and all personnel, including contractors, suppliers, clients and independent experts, shall where applicable participate in this process.

All employees are required to follow instructions and rules for safe and healthy operations, report hazards to their supervisors and wear, where required, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


The Directors of Drillco WA Pty Ltd are accountable for ensuring that this policy is implemented and that its effectiveness is reviewed annually. This policy applies to all Drillco WA Pty Ltd sites and will be updated every three years. All Drillco WA Pty Ltd personnel and contractors in all areas of the company’s activities are responsible for applying the Safety and Health Policy.